Crawl Master II

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Long, long ago, brave knight entered the dungeon to search for the missing treasure. Never to return. What happened? Who can say. You? Would you investigate? Do you dare?

Sounds familiar? Crawl master II has the same ... hmmm ... 'story' ... as the original Crawl Master. So no surprises there. However, this improved version looks and plays much better.

So what are you still waiting for? Enter the dungeon ..

Version: ENGINE:
Prototype LIB:


Survival guide:

Running away is a legitimate strategy ...

Game will be saved each time you descend on a new level for the first time.

Use temple to heal and buy skills. But remember, healthcare is expensive ...


Mouse to open doors and pick up items and interact with environment

W ... move forward

S ... move backward

A ... strafe left

D ... strafe right

Q ... turn left

E ... turn right

CTRL ... cast magic.

H ... use healing potion

M ... use mana potion

cursor left, right ... move scroll selection cursor

ENTER ... cast selected scroll

F4 ... pause/resume game



Magic lamp: inreased range of map revealing dungeon


Drain Mana: drains mana from all creatures in the area. Also yours!


Map: reveals the location of the temple or other important areas


Increase the damage of your weapon for certain duration.


Increase your armor for certain duration.


Decrease your opponent's armor in the certain range.


Decrease the damage of your opponent's weapons in the certain range.


Cripple: Decrease speed of the nearby monsters.


Invisibility: I will let you figure this one by yourself ...

Magic Boost

Magic Boost: boost your magic abilities for a while


Petrify: petrifies all enemies in a certain range

Teleport to Temple

Teleport to the Temple: instant jump to the temple. Could also be on top of some scary monster ...


Hero's luck is temporarily increased. One of the game's mysteries.


Monster's life energy in the certain range is halved.

Crawl Master - a game by Lovro Selič

'Crawl Master II is of course completely based on 'Crawl Master'. However, display engine was completely rewritten and went for using raycasting, to triangle shading using WebGL. While majority of the code ia still written in JavaScript, the shaders are of course written in GLSL.

As is tradition in my games, the walls are decorated with screens showcasing games from the 80s home computers, such as C64 and ZX Spectrum, Atari ST, as well as some major and influential games from later periods. More than 900 screens are randomly selected, including a screenshots from Crawl Master II, which features a wall painting image from Crawl Master, as demonstrated on the top left image. This is my way of paying respects to the great programmers of the past, which had influenced me and lighted the passion in me for programming.


From the technical perspective, Crawl Master II is influenced by Quake, a game which might not start but definitely popularized real-time polygon shading through OpenGL.

In order to reduce the already long loading times (the game loads approximately 50MB of data), Crawl Master II features only 5 levels, providing approximately 3-5 hours of gameplay if you manage to survive. On a more positive note, the game's abundance of weighted randomization ensures that each attempt offers a totally unique experience.

Loading insane amount of data ... just a minute or two ... be patient ... i hope you have good internet speed ... this game is huge! If the loading appear stuck and you are using Firefox, press F5 to resume, as FF has issues with some of the fonts used.

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