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Amazing Maze Maniacs

Coolie wants to treat herself with something special. Help her collect EXACT amount of coins and buy her a treat.


HELP - display all commands known to Coolie.

LOOK - describes what is under Coolie.

PICK UP COIN - picks up any coin, which is under Coolie.

DROP [value] [denomination] COIN - drops specific coin from the inventory. Example: DROP 10 CENT COIN, DROP 2 EURO COIN, ...

MOVE [direction] - moves into specified direction for 1 space. Directions are LEFT; RIGHT, UP, DOWN: Example: MOVE RIGHT, ... or else use the cursor keys to move Coolie.

MOVE [how many] (of what) [direction] - where directions are the same as above, 'how many' is a word coresponding to nubers from 2 to 10, and 'what' is a description (like spaces, steps, blocks, ... Coolie is a smart girl and know a lot of them.). Example: MOVE FIVE SPACES DOWN.

BUY [what] - buy a desired treat. Don't forget the preposition. Reminder: you must have EXACT amount of money the rteat costs, no more and certainly not less. Example: BUY A BANANA.

Setup Game
Single Solution (Perfect) Maze
Use cursor keys to move Coolie
Add Corridors for Imperfect Maze

Restart game to apply the new settings if you change them.

Drawings by Mija Selič. Programming by Lovro Selič.

CoolWeb XI v1.9.14