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Help escape Coolie from the cursed tower full of dangerous monsters.


Use cursor keys to navigate the maze. Collect all items to open the passage to the lower level.

Press 'P' to set poison trap. Poison is dangerous to Coolie as well.

Press 'B' to set the bomb. Bomb will explode in 2.5 seconds obliterating every living creature in the vicinity, and making holes in the maze.

Coolie is invisible to the monsters when waiting on the stairwell.


Mazyx is roughly inspired by the legendary 80's maze games such as Pacman, Wizard of Wor and similar. No didactic value (except fun) was intended.

Source of graphics are various free resource sites. No copyrighted images (except Coolie) were intendedly used in the making of the game. Code is written in JavaScript using JQuery framework.

CoolWeb XI v1.9.14